How To Setup HP Wireless Printer On Windows 10?

Balance quality and resolution with every print you make with HP wireless printing. Steps on How to Get the Most Out of Your HP Printer Features, available at Use the procedures that are available in 123 hp wireless printing.


HP Printer Compatible with computers, laptops, smartphones, tabs, Apple devices, and wireless devices. HP can print with wireless direct printing, HP Apple AirPrint, ePrint, and Mopria certification. Wireless capability is built-in Wi-Fi 802.


HP is a wireless printer and is compatible with Windows and Mac. The printers can connect to your computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. There are several applications available to set up the HP wireless connection on the printer. HP wireless printer setup windows 10 is easy. HP wireless connection is available as built-in Wi-Fi, HP Auto Wireless Connect, HP Wireless Protected Setup, Wireless Setup Assistant, and HP Wireless Direct.


Recommended steps


  • Always download the latest driver and software from HP.

  • Install the HP wireless driver on your computer and establish a stable connection without future interruptions.

  • HP drivers work to activate all the major functions of the printer.

  • HP network software helps connect the printer to various networks.


Note: The HP printer driver enables printing, scanning, faxing, wireless, and other functions. Installing this driver helps to connect the printer to the network by setting the IP Connection. During HP wireless printer setup windows 10 creates some issue.

Info: After updating the Windows 10 operating system, the HP printer settings may change to the default state. To reconfigure the wireless connection, follow the procedures mentioned below.


HP Wireless Configuration in Windows


  • Download the HP driver for the Windows operating system.

  • Run the HP Wireless Setup Assistant.

  • Install and enable the wireless printing function.

  • Enjoy unlimited wireless printing.


HP wireless printing


Follow the steps to connect your printer wirelessly. Use the copy function without a network connection. Connect HP with wireless devices. Connect wirelessly to your smartphone or tablet.


  • Turn on the printer and open the control panel settings on the printer.

  • Select the Wireless Settings option.

  • Choose Wireless Setup Wizard and Wireless Ready Setup Wizard option.

  • After that, the printer scans the available wireless network.

  • Choose the wireless access point to connect to your computer.

  • The HP printer displays a message (connection was successful).

  • Then the printer is ready to use.


Installing the HP software for Windows


Turn on your HP printer, router, and computer system. You must know the SSID of the network. The SSID is the service set identifier, which is the name of the network. Gather your WEP or WPA key, which is the network password. Confirm that your computer is connected to your wireless network. Setup HP wireless printer on windows is not easy for all. You should have active access to the Internet. Confirm that your 123HP printer is connected to your computer and make sure they are both on the same network. Turn on your HP printer. Place your 123 hp com printer near the computer. (Make sure the printer and computer are placed within range of the router during the setup and installation procedure. Disconnect if any of the USB or Ethernet cables, connect them to your printer.


Connect to the wireless network

You must connect your HP printer to your network with the help of the Wireless Setup Wizard. Once you connect the printer, the HP installer will find your printer during the installation procedure. Swipe down from the printer’s control panel to open the Panel. Now tap on the Wireless Connection icon. Select settings, touch icons. Go to Network Settings and go to 123 hp com Wireless Settings. Select the Wireless Setup Wizard. Now select the name of your network from the list of available networks. Confirm with OK. If the list does not show your network name, select Enter new network name. Now follow the instructions on your screen to enter your network. When asked, enter the WEP or WPA key. Confirm with Done. Once you tap OK, you will return to the home screen.




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